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Reffing Tips

Thursday night reffing tends to be pretty bad, well I guess the correct word is inconsistent. It is our job to improve the level of reffing (as a side note, good reffing often lends to improved play!). Please ref the first three games and THEN HELP the refs with the next three games. Teach them to referee. If you yourself are not particularly inclined to ref, then this is a good opportunity to learn the rules and stuff..

A few points to note: (for what it is worth)

There are three steps with making a call:

Be decisive. It is important to separate the three steps by a second or two. If a player wonders what the call was, they will look to you. If you give the signal too quickly, they will miss it, and not know what happened.

If you didn't see it, it didn't happen.

It's unfortunate, but if you don't see the ball roll up someone's arm, over their head and off their nose, you can't call it (however, you can ask the second ref if they saw it). "I didn't see it", is acceptable if someone bitches.

Things to tell your work team:

The lines people should watch for touches and in/out, and stand on the corner.

The down ref must watch the net and the line (under the net). The down ref rarely watches the ball, and is usually looking at the defensive team. The also call out of rotation for the receiving team. But their main job is to watch the net and line. The down ref may also signal (but not blow) if they see a carry, or double etc..

You should inform the work team their duties before the game starts.


Cameron Gregory - cameron@bloke.com