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The roof at the Y is in. Play on. The backboard is a dead ball and playover if you think someone could have got it .. reward effort.

Another Rules Page

Official Rule changes

Rule 1. Playing Area

     1.4.2 - Service Zone - The service zone is extended to include the
             full width of the 9 meter area behind the end lines.

Rule 2. Net and Posts

     2.4 - The height of the net may be varied for age-group competition.

Rule 3. Ball
     3.1 - Inside pressure of ball (stated in kg/cm ) corrected.

Rule 5. Players' Equipment - Required placement for uniform number by 1998 season.

     5.3.1 - Jewelry prohibited; other equipment subject to judgement.

Rule 8. Preparation for the Match

     8.1.2 - In deciding game, the first referee may designate the second
             referee to make the coin toss.

Rule 11. Substitution of Players

     11.3 - Time allowed to determine if an injured player can continue
            in game extended from 15 to 30 seconds.

Rule 12. Playing Actions - Limiting heights for a ball striking objects above the playing
                area removed.

Rule 14. Playing the Ball

     14.4.1 - The ball may touch any part of the body.  Limitation of knee
              and above removed.

     14.4.2 - Restrictions regarding contact of the ball restated: The ball
               must be hit, not caught or thrown.

Rule 16. Player at the Net

     16.2.1 - "Inside the antennas" added to clarify rule regarding blocker
               reaching beyond the plane of the net.

     16.2.3 - Addition: Provision made to allow player to contact ball over
              opponent's court in order to return it to player's own
              playing space.

     16.4.1 - Rule expanded to allow insignificant contact with the net
              by a player not involved in the action of playing the ball.

Rule 18. Attack-Hit

     18.1 - Commentary - Definition of attack-hit excludes first or second
            team contact that is legally blocked as long as the ball does
            not completely pass the plane of the net untouched.

     18.4 - Commentary - An attack-hit fault and a blocking fault committed
            simultaneously will result in a double fault.

Rule 19. Block

     19.3 - Any third team hit by the opponents may be blocked at any time
            after the contact.

     19.4.2 - Contact with the ball during a block may be with any part of
              the body (See Rule 14.4.1)

     19.5 - Commentary - A blocking fault and an attack-hit fault committed
            simultaneously will result in a double fault.

Rule 20. Regular Game Interruptions

     20.7 - Any improper request that affects of delays a game will be
            sanctioned as a team delay.

Rule 24. Misconduct

     24.2.4 - "Spectator area" added to the list of venues that must be
               vacated by a disqualified player.

Rule 27. Second Referee

     27.2.7 - The second referee is responsible for reporting third entry
              of a player to the first referee and coach/captain of the
              player's team.

Rule 29. Line Judges - Duties include reporting foot faults of players off the
                court at the time of service.

Some other notes on the rules (just FYI):

Under the net means that the whole foot is completely past the center line. It is legal if the foot or the vertical projection of the (underside of the) foot touches the line. Hands and other members (heh hehe) are illegal.

Shirt in the net is illegal; hair in the net is not.

If someone could have played the ball and it hits the curtain and they wouldn't have made a fault to play the ball (eg run onto other court) then it is a do-over.

Backrow players may hit in the front row as long as they contact the ball when it is not completely over the top of the net. For example the back row setter may jump and punch the ball over, but not be completely above the net and the point of contact. This would not be a fault.

You can never attack a ball which is completely on the opposing team's court. (But there are some cases when you can block it).

If all the players are bugging you, tell the captains that only they should address the referree.

If you have any questions, please let me know....


Cameron Gregory - cameron@bloke.com