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This page contains a collection of things that may be of use to you, particular if you use RedHat Linux (7.3).

I have a dual boot Dell Inspiron 8000 running Windows 2000 and RedHat 7.3. I have a Swann USB V.90 modem (doesn't work in linux) and a D-Link DFM-560E. I want to get an Epson Stylus C80. I am in Australia.

I just started these pages, so about half of the information is incomplete.

  • Laptop Setup

    Latest Changes

    Mon Jan 11 02:36:08 EST 2010
    	Added SSD since I had a problem with it running *very* slow.
    	Modified Boot to show how to move your grub to another drive.
    Sun Jul 20 06:03:30 EDT 2008
    	Added Wireless information for WAP54g
    Sat Feb  9 10:17:51 EST 2008
    	Added CA and SSL information
    Sun Feb 18 09:53:44 EST 2007
    	Added Raid information
    Fri Jan 21 16:46:22 EST 2005
    	Added Eclipse
    Sun Jun 22 12:50:04 EST 2003
    	Just some notes to Webalizer
    Sun Jun 22 00:51:42 EST 2003
    	Added some information about getting CPU temperature in Kernel.
    Sat Jun 21 17:59:49 EST 2003
    	Added a CD/RW section for linux burners.
    Sat Jun 21 17:36:54 EST 2003
    	Added Swann drivers to the Modem page.
    Sat Jun 21 02:05:18 EST 2003
    	Updated some info about a video card I might get for Jack.
    Wed Jun 18 22:32:56 EST 2003
    	I replaced the CPU fan on Jack.
    	But had to get out the drill!
    	Also updated the purchase information for Camita
    Tue Jun 17 14:27:33 EST 2003
    	Created Systems which makes more sense for this area.
    	Moved the build stuff under Systems/Camita
    Tue Jun 17 03:12:29 EST 2003
    	More updated info in Build.  And a quick fix for my dual PIII system.
    Sun Jun 15 12:57:14 EST 2003
    	More info/links on Build.
    Sat Jun 14 02:06:48 EST 2003
    	I bought some components in Build.
    Tue Jun 10 19:48:01 EST 2003
    	New Games section.
    Tue Jun 10 19:38:43 EST 2003
    	I'm going to Build a games machine!
    Sat May 31 19:45:47 EST 2003
    	Added Ms-sql worm to firewall section.
    Sat May 17 12:00:47 EST 2003
    	Added Google saga.  Seems I'm being penalized :-(
    Sat May  3 01:56:46 EST 2003
    	Updated some of the gaim 0.60 info in Instant Messaging.
    Thu May  1 16:30:58 EST 2003
    	Updated my X config, and mozilla flash details.
    Thu Apr 24 11:07:40 EST 2003
    	Fixed Gimp/build to include freetype (whoops!).
    Mon Apr 21 15:13:18 EST 2003
    	Added some Gimp/patches for gimp-1.2.4-pre2.
    Sun Apr 20 21:45:39 EST 2003
    	Added Gimp/build which describes how to build gimp-1.3.14.
    Thu Apr 17 00:24:13 EST 2003
    	Added "service" and "chkconfig" startup information to the printer information. Added info on how to print a pdf document.
    Sat Apr 12 08:56:17 EST 2003
    	Added script-fu patch from Perdo Gimeno, since it looks really promising (not tested yet, in Gimp/patches.
    Tue Apr  8 09:56:24 EST 2003
    	Installed new gaim 0.60 in Instant Messaging.
    Wed Mar 26 00:52:20 EST 2003
    	Added some notes on problems I had with Instant Messaging.
    Wed Mar 26 00:39:12 EST 2003
    	Added Webalizer patch to "Chop Referrers".
    Mon Mar 17 19:28:28 EST 2003
    	Typos fixed in modems. Updated settings.
    Wed Mar  5 23:21:19 EST 2003
    	How to enable programs in .forward files for sendmail
    Sun Feb  9 17:54:22 EST 2003
    	Added select to patter to gimp scripts.
    Sun Feb  7 20:49:26 EST 2003
    	Added gimp faq.  Well, it's the start of one.
    Tue Nov 19 10:43:43 EST 2002
    	Added Installation info for flash for mozilla 1.2b into X. Fixed missing link in Kernel
    Fri Nov 15 20:40:42 EST 2002
    	Added how to reduce the dhcp timeout when you reboot in General.
    Mon Nov  4 18:43:30 EST 2002
    	Slightly update apache and im
    Thu Oct 31 13:07:48 EST 2002
    	Added sendmail for setting up to accept remote connections.
    Thu Oct 31 12:03:32 EST 2002
    	Added links for scheme to gimp
    Sat Sep  7 20:24:54 EST 2002
    	Added info for apache to increase MaxClients
    Tue Sep  3 16:31:13 EST 2002
    	Added patch for missing file in gimp help.
    Wed Aug 21 03:30:15 EST 2002
    	Added -M info for thttpd for better performance for all.
    Wed Aug 14 20:54:31 EST 2002
    	Added xchat sound option in instant messaging.
    Sat Aug  3 03:31:21 EST 2002
    	Added some Boot information.  Including single user boot.
    Sat Jul 20 14:41:53 EST 2002
    	Added how to change your hostname to General.
    Sat Jul  6 23:32:36 EST 2002
    	Added patch for signal handling in thttpd.
    Fri Jul  5 21:52:21 EST 2002
    	Updated the gimp links.
    Sat Jun 29 18:34:22 EST 2002
    	Updated Gimp memory patch - script-fu.
    Thu Jun 27 22:44:05 EST 2002
    	Added a kernel assertion failure for ext3.
    Thu Jun 27 16:34:37 EST 2002
    	Added some Bad Disk information.
    Thu Jun 27 13:17:37 EST 2002
    	Added a memory patch for the gimp
    Thu Jun 26 01:02:00 EST 2002
    	Added some basic memory profiler info.
    Wed Jun 19 14:38:21 EST 2002
    	Added MTU network optimization for DSL lines
    Tue Jun 18 12:03 EST 2002
    	Added just 403 patch to thttpd
    Tue Jun 18 19:54 EST 2002
    	Added MSIE bandwidth patch to thttpd-msie-error.patch
    Thu Jun 13 14:06:18 EST 2002
    	Added missing text to gimp scripts
    Fri May 31 13:40:25 EST 2002
    	Small additions to printer, for "My Defaults".
    Thu May 30 13:34:00 EST 2002
    	My settings added to shared memory kernel config
    Wed May 29 14:15:44 EST 2002
    	Updated rant about firewall (smtp)
    	(my dialup account was stopped for sending porn!
    Tue May 28 11:57:19 EST 2002
    	Added ppp bandwidth monitor
    May 27
    	Added RLE/uncompressed gif patch for gimp - now with GUI option.
    	Added Rant about gif's
    	Added message queue kernel config
    May 23
    	Updated Firewall for AOE links
    May 22
    	Added info for dumping core.
    Apr 30
    	Updated kernel config info for "network"
    Apr 24
    	Added dbm patch for thttpd

    Last Change: Monday, 11-Jan-2010 02:37:06 EST


    The information provided within these pages is provided AS IS, and without any warranty. Following these directions may (but not limited to) crash your computer, delete all the information on your hard disk, open up security holes or cause your house to burn down. I made these pages to provide some information about the setup that I have done, but I did not proofread it for correctness, and in most cases did not test it. There are commands in these pages that would definately delete or corrupt all the data on your computer (especially the dualboot section). In fact it happened to me.... So you are on your own!

    Cameron Gregory