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Having a bad disk day? I must admit, I find this one of the most stressful situations. Please don't take the following information without understanding, one small slip (or typo on my behalf), and your disk will be erased!

Anyway, when my machine recently crashed, it produced a "Short Read" error when running fsck on the device. This is bad news, and to me indicates that the disk is going bad. If could be just a bad block, but I'm preparing for the worst. This error occured consistently, and eventually caused programs like "touch" and "mkdir" to hang on my machine, and of course, the machine won't reboot properly. My solution:

Last Change: Monday, 10-Jan-2005 07:40:51 EST


The information provided within these pages is provided AS IS, and without any warranty. Following these directions may (but not limited to) crash your computer, delete all the information on your hard disk, open up security holes or cause your house to burn down. I made these pages to provide some information about the setup that I have done, but I did not proofread it for correctness, and in most cases did not test it. There are commands in these pages that would definately delete or corrupt all the data on your computer (especially the dualboot section). In fact it happened to me.... So you are on your own!

Cameron Gregory