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MS-SQL Attack

When looking at my network graphs, I noticed a wierd increase in traffic. Looked more like an attack, but certainly a mild one.

So you can see from the graph that it's around 100k bits/second or around 10k/second.

I tried firewalling everything, shutting down all the services, but the packets kept coming. Cyber suggested tcpdump, so (as root):

tcpdump -c 10 > tcpdump.out
to get: I removed some entries
05:29:51.149736 > reserved-multicast-range-NOT-delegated.example.com.ms-sql-m:  udp 376 [ttl 1]
05:29:51.149987 >  udp 376 [ttl 1]
05:29:51.150478 >  udp 376 [ttl 1]
05:29:51.150975 >  udp 376 [ttl 1]
05:29:51.153068 >  udp 376 [ttl 1]
05:29:51.154165 >  udp 376 [ttl 1]
and a search on google (and a better search from tigert), yielded the problem. It was the SQL Slammer worm. Annoys me because this security alert was from 4 months ago, and the original patch was posted 10 months ago. Since it's relatively small on the bandwidth, I'll just ignore it for the time being.


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