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My Laptop setup and configuration.

Model: Dell Inspiron 8000
CPU: 850 MHz PIII CPU (750MHz on battery)
ChipSet: Intel 815E (I815E)
Memory: 512MB SDRAM
Video Card: 32 MB ATI Rage Mobility M4
Screen: 14.1" TFT 1400x1050
Disk: 20GB
Network: Built in eepro, and external DLink modem
Printers: Epson Stylus C80
Mouse: Two built in PS/2 mice, and external Microsoft IntelliMouse which can connect as USB or PS/2.
OS: Dual Boot windows 2000 and redhat 7.2
Digital Camera: Olympus C2020

Links Sites with similar setups.

Monday, 10-Jan-2005 07:41:27 EST


The information provided within these pages is provided AS IS, and without any warranty. Following these directions may (but not limited to) crash your computer, delete all the information on your hard disk, open up security holes or cause your house to burn down. I made these pages to provide some information about the setup that I have done, but I did not proofread it for correctness, and in most cases did not test it. There are commands in these pages that would definately delete or corrupt all the data on your computer (especially the dualboot section). In fact it happened to me.... So you are on your own!

Cameron Gregory