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D-Link Modem I have a D-Link DFM 560E 5600 bps Data/Fax/Voice modem. I decided on this modem because it was the only one that I could find on-line that was recommended for use in Australia with linux. It seems that almost all external modems are fine, except for a subset that contain Rockwell chip sets???

My advice for picking a modem is choose the modem that you want to buy, then search the net for your particular modem looking for problems. Once you are convinced that you found the modem you want, check on-line for prices so you can guage if you are getting a reasonable deal, and then buy it either on-line or at the local store. In general, don't get a USB modem, however a sub-set of USB modems are starting to be supported. See linux-usb.org.

I tried to get my Swann V.90 USB modem working, I had offered to write the driver for them if they could get me some specs, but although tech. support seemed like they wanted to help, they weren't able to provide me with any information except that it's a "very soft-modem", which I assumed was that it's all software driven, and they talked about the problems they had getting it working on new windows systems.

So now I'm giving away the modem. I couldn't find the driver disk, but these things are usually on-line. I found them at: http://www.swann.com.au/tech/modems/modems.htm, and kept a local copy here

But you are much better getting them from the wann site.