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I have a Microsoft Intelli Mouse (optical).

When you plug it into the PS/2 port (rather than USB), then the wheel doesn't work. The easiest way is to run mouseconfig (as root). It will set the file /etc/sysconfig/mouse:

FULLNAME="Microsoft IntelliMouse (PS/2)"
This is using "Microsoft IntelliMouse (PS/2)" (and don't emulate 3 buttons (since it has 3 buttons)).

When you run the mouse as a PS/2 mouse (with the adapter to plug it in to the normal mouse port), then with the above settings the touchpad works just fine too. However, since it's a two button mouse you need to emulate three buttons to paste, and this doesn't work. I'd also like to see an option to turn it off. Mostly because the touch pad annoys the crap out of me. I would like to see the toggle (pencil head) work though.

When you are done, stop X, and restart gpm. Or if you are lazy reboot. To stop X when it's at the graphical login prompt, type all at the same time. Mind you, you then might need to kill a few more things before you could run "startx" to start the X server back up again.

Similarly, if it's connected to the USB port, then: run mouseconfig again (with the mouse connected to the USB port). file: /etc/sysconfig/mouse

FULLNAME="Microsoft IntelliMouse (USB)"


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