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Creating a patch for a single file:

[cameron@jack thttpd]$ diff -c thttpd-2.22beta5cg/thttpd.c thttpd-2.22beta5cg-me/thttpd.c
*** thttpd-2.22beta5cg/thttpd.c	Mon Mar 11 19:32:04 2002
--- thttpd-2.22beta5cg-me/thttpd.c	Mon Apr  8 19:35:17 2002
*** 1736,1741 ****
--- 1736,1748 ----
  	tmr_cancel( c->wakeup_timer );
  	c->wakeup_timer = 0;
+     //cameron
+     if ( c->linger_timer != (Timer*) 0 )
+ 	{ // already lingering ..
+ 	tmr_cancel( c->linger_timer );
+ 	c->linger_timer = 0;
+ 	c->hc->should_linger = 0;
+ 	}
      /* This is our version of Apache's lingering_close() routine, which is
      ** their version of the often-broken SO_LINGER socket option.  For why
[cameron@jack thttpd]$ 
to a file makes more sense:
[cameron@jack thttpd]$ diff -c thttpd-2.22beta5cg/thttpd.c thttpd-2.22beta5cg-me/thttpd.c > lingering-close-2.22beta5.patch
[cameron@jack thttpd]$ 

To do whole directories use -r, but you'll want to add -P so new files in the second directory are added (so you can use with patch).

[cameron@jack opensrs]$ diff -c -r -P opensrs-client-2.41 opensrs-client-2.52 > opensrs-diff.patch
[cameron@jack opensrs]$ 

Last Change: Monday, 10-Jan-2005 07:41:33 EST


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Cameron Gregory