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Chop Refferers to just domain name

You might also look at the -g option, but I wanted to actually chop the referrer's so that no such much info is stored (only thed domain name). For 216000 lines from my web server, I went from 12684 Referrers down to 903. I thought this would make a big difference in the speed (since I'm having a problem with incremental updates taking ages), but it didn't :-)

This patch also fixes a typo (small error) in the comments.

IP Country

I built a library to figure out the country by the IP address. It's pretty easy, but it still uses some libraries that I don't want to post here. When I resolve this, I'll post the code here. Great for GEO targetting etc..


I'm having a trouble where webalizer is taking an hour to run! Sure it's big log files, but not that big. It's something to do with incremental updates. Also the memory gets to 200-300meg which doesn't help.

Information and solutions will be posted here.


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Cameron Gregory